Limpkin -- (Aramus guarauna)

Limpkin — (Aramus guarauna)

© HJ Ruiz

8 thoughts on “Limpkin

  1. That’s a very fine bird, that is, HJ ! – and you must’ve been lying on the ground to get such an excellent framing of him (?). He stands out from his b.g. so well, even though it’s quite limpkin-coloured ! 😀

    • I wasn’t on lying down I was down hill to a lower level. You’re very observant of details. For a while I didn’t see it because is was foggy but when the sun broke through I noticed something moving and when I got in range of my zoom lens I took a few shots. I was happy because I wasn’t planning to get that particular specie at that time. 🙂

      • I haven’t seen him so far on your site. I apologise if he’s there but in the past: you know we don’t tend to go back when we start following, eh ? Not enough time. I simply derive enormous enjoyment from everything you post NOW. 🙂

      • That’s ok, I thank you M-R . I know there so much to do and so little time! I was myself outside trimming a rose bush that is growing like crazy. The thorns got me so many times! 😦

      • You need to be careful. I once got stabbed by a bougainvillea thorn and it got infected …

      • My only threat from my backyard is if I rub on a poison oak. To that my skin gets like a burn with a hot iron. Other than that I get stung all the time by wasps, bees, fire ants etc.:)

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