House Wren

House Wren -- (Troglodytes  aedon)

House Wren — (Troglodytes aedon)

© HJ Ruiz

12 thoughts on “House Wren

  1. There’s something about your photography of these little birds, HJ: every time I see a new one, I utter aloud a phrase like “Oh, the DEAR little creature !” … I think it’s that you turn them into close reality: rather than their being tiny things up there in the sky, they’ve become our small friends … You’re doing OK, you know that ?

    • One other reason why people don’t know birds is because they never see them close to notice all details. Like this bird it’s about 4 inches high only, and moves very fast. They are in most gardens but nobody notices them. I give them the opportunity to see them close up! 🙂

      • I’m going to see my doctor at 10:30, in hopes of his telling me that this muscle problem will go away SOON. And also in hopes of his providing me with info re what I can do to reduce the pain. It’s not that I’m in constant pain: it happens when I make certain movements – which seem to be necessary really often. My cat is becoming inured to my giving loud shouts of pain: at first he would leap and look nervous. [grin]

      • Alas, it’s true, HJ … It’s not that I WANT to give shouts of pain: it’s that it takes me by surprise each time I move through the wrong arc …

      • I know, I’m just kidding! Do call for the Gaggia and get it fixed, you need your shot of caffein! Bye!

  2. Lovely picture, H.J!! Great capture. We have wrens nesting in the gourd house outside my kitchen window. I love to listen to them sing in the morning. But they blend in so well with the crabapple tree, it’s impossible for me to get a photo!

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